Graph database of biomedical knowledge along with scalable and user-friendly web application to retrieve statistically valuable biological networks.


SmartBioGraph is a graph database mainly based on data retrieved from CROssBAR database. SmartBioGraph is designed to query complicated biological networks easier than traditional relational databases. We provide access to almost 2,5 million nodes and above 10 million relationships retrieved from more than 10 biological databases included in CROssBAR. Moreover, we provide user-friendly and scalable network queries, as well as filtering mechanisms to access the most valuable information and many visualization options in SmartBioSearch interface. Check out SmartBioSearch interface for user-friendly queries and filtering options or access directly to the database via Neo4J Browser if you are comfortable with cypher query language (CQL).


Yunus Emre Uzun


Bugra Aker Yilmaz


Prof.Dr. Volkan Atalay


Ahmet Dara Vefa


Ekin Tire

We are only a small part of a much bigger research team. Thanks to CROssBAR team for their contributions throughout the project.